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Development of Digital Businesses

Stonecast Ventures develops businesses in influence marketing, SaaS and consumer apps. We also support digital businesses with our services and expertise.

Our Services

Our Servuces
We share our expertise

Our team has very good history of successful digital projects. We provide our portfolio companies support in all business fields for their sound business growth. 


We will arrange all payment solutions necessary for your business. You will easily receive payments from your customers and pay to your vendors.


Your market research reveals that your main market is another country? No problem, we'll provide you tools to enter quickly into any market.


Stonecast Ventures can provide funding for your project. We will guide you in your search of new adding-value investors. Then we will prepare complete documentation package for your investment transactions.


Your new business will benefit a lot from our vast and high quality network of business partners, banks, legal and accounting firms, companies registers in many countries. You will get in touch with business partners right for your needs.

Our Own Projects

We develop our own applications for iOS, Android and social networks.  


Our terms are flexible and convenient

Our fees are very flexible and adjusted to details of your business and our services requested. It will be comfortable for you taking forms from fixed commissions to regular payments for our services to providing us share in your capital.

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