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Why Choose Stonecast Ventures?


We're professional. Stonecast provides full range CFO service for digital startups that prefer to direct their resources to product development and not to hiring expensive non-product managers. We understand deeply your needs and will fill gaps in your expertise. 


We're good for complicated tasks. Our team earned many years expertise in Finance, Legal and Investment banking. If this is not enough we will recruit one of our partner firms for your very specific needs. You will get top industry service for affordable price. 


We're fast. We will establish tailored operational legal structures just for you. We will use our existing infrastructure and the partners network developed in many years to help you start very quickly.

We're flexible. We offer our co-operation to projects with different amount of available resources. Sometimes we charge fixed fee, sometimes monthly commissions. If you have great idea and scarce initial resources we can join your shareholders team providing our capital or our services as consideration.


We're fully compliant with regulations. We maintain uncompromised compliance with all regulations we work with. Therefore you can be sure that your project will develop without harmful regulatory risks and you will approach your future investors with good structure.

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